Renault Pro Key

Original Renault Can FilterRenault Pro Key is an especially designed module which enables introducing corrects to the mileage in Renault Laguna III, Megane III and Scenic III cars. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, Renault Pro Key filters data sent through CAN bus, blocking signals with information about mileage, transferred from an ABS controller to a instrument cluster.

The installation of Renault Pro Key is very simple and takes only few minutes. All of this thanks to a professionally designed Printed Circuit Board, conveniently located soldering spots and small dimensions of the module. It is only required to connect it to a dashboard PCB by means of 6 wires, and then to fix it to the board by means of an adhesive tape or a heat-sealing adhesive.

The properly installed Renault Pro Key does not in any way interfere with the operation of remaining electronic components in a car and does not cause any diagnostic errors.

In order to change the mileage displayed on a instrument cluster, before connecting the module it is required to change the contents of a meter memory (Eeprom 24C16).